Donations to a charity foundation brings out the stars.

Please join us in helping to build a better future for Pinellas County. The Pinellas Community Foundation is committed to making the Pinellas County community a better place to live. The Foundation is funded by the generous donations of local area citizens, as well as various philanthropic organizations and businesses. Through the generosity and dedication of our advisors, community leaders, board and staff, we help the community in the following areas:

Provide donors with how-you-can-help detailed information about different communities’ needs and priorities.

Offer consulting services for non-profit donations that match your donations with effective and rewarding charities. If you desire to be involved and want to be hands-on with the charity of your choice, we can help with that too.

Support non-profit organizations so they may continue to provide effective and productive programs that benefit Pinellas County communities.

Manage programs that deliver grants, scholarships, and support educational endeavors in the community.


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