Membership Program

The Membership Program is the community-wide support organization of the Community Foundation. Membership revenues go directly to our grants program. The monies are not used for operations. Some features of the program are:

  • Direct Support – Your Annual membership donation goes directly to charities
  • Tax Deductible – The Pinellas County Community Foundation is a recognized charity under Section 501(c)(3) of IRS regulations
  • Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Your gift stays in Pinellas County. Only Pinellas County charities benefit from our membership program
  • Pinellas County Decisions – A group of Pinellas County residents decides how your money is distributed. The Summer and Fall Competitive Grants Committees of the Community Foundation review requests and make grants
  • Public Foundation – Your donation helps the Foundation qualify for the “public support” requirement by the IRS
  • Low Administrative Costs – The Pinellas County Community Foundation’s administrative expenses are far lower than those of most community foundations.

Joining has never been so easy!

Click here to print our annual membership form and mail it to: The Pinellas Community Foundation, 5200 East Bay Dr., Suite 202, Clearwater, FL 33764.


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