1. The Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF) distributes grants twice annually to a wide variety of nonprofit agencies that enhance and support the quality of life in Pinellas County. Grant proposals are thoroughly screened and results evaluated to ensure that credible programming is delivered to community residents.

Pinellas Community Foundation offers three discretionary grants:

  1. Operating Grants are unrestricted and may be used by awardees for general operating expenses. An agency receiving any type of Operating Grant (First-Time, Regular) is eligible to apply for a Capital Improvement Grant. These latter grants are for special and capital projects and are awarded on the basis of impact to the community, as determined by a grants screening committee and by the Foundation’s Board of Governors.  The application deadline for Operating Grants is October lst of each year, and grants are awarded in March.
  2. Capital Improvement Grants. Only agencies receiving Operating Grants from PCF are eligible to apply for competitive grants. In general, projects eligible for these grants must be of a durable and non-programmatic nature, for example a new roof or kitchen equipment. In addition, applicants must submit bids or proposals from vendors. One bid or proposal is required if the project is under $10,000, two if it is $10,000 or over.  The application deadlines for Capital Improvement grants is June 15th of each year. The grants are awarded in the fall.
  3. Cultural Outreach Grants are available to organizations that received a Cultural Development Grant from the former Pinellas County Cultural Affairs Department.  Funding is only for arts education departments offering programs for children, youth, adults and underserved constituencies of all ages.  The application deadline is June 15th of each year, and awarded in the fall.

For information on how to apply, please call the Pinellas Community Foundation at 727.531.0058.


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